So my dear, dear friend at Making Lemonade is an evil, evil person who has gotten me hooked on this wacky world I’ll call “Mommy-Blog Giveaways.” Up until two weeks ago, I had no idea any of this existed. Now I have become ever so slightly obsessed with trying to win some of this stuff. I mean, as far as probability goes, a person’s chances are good with these things. Some only end up with like, 100 entries total. How can I NOT enter the good ones? Christmas and birthdays are getting expensive up in this joint what with all the nieces and nephews we’ve got–if I can win a few free gifts for them, I’m gonna!!

It seems I can get an extra entry in all these various giveaways if I “blog” about them. So, below you will find a shameless list of all my current giveaway hopes and dreams. I try to enter them responsibly and go for generally earth-friendly or home-made products. However, I have been known to get sucked into a vortex of cross-giveaway entries (get an extra entry for entering this OTHER giveaway here!), and at that point I’m just chucking my name around willy-nilly at things I don’t even WANT to win. I’m sorry! I’m a compulsive who has to finish what I start.

One Response to “Giveaways I’m trying to WIN, people!!”

  1. I agree! It would be nice to win a few items to give as presents! Thanks for posting about my giveaway 🙂 Good luck

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