I Do…want to make my wedding about more than just me

September 29, 2009

So for all my whining in an earlier post about my wedding not reflecting my core values blah blah blah (if you haven’t noticed yet I tend towards hyperbole), it was actually not a complete wash. There were still many simple components strewn amidst the non-simple (read: pricey) parts. One was that I did manage to do my wedding registry through this great site started by some college acquaintances of mine. Their premise was hey, there are VAST, UNKNOWABLE quantities of cash being thrown around at these events–maybe we can find a way to painlessly capture a bit of it for some good, lasting causes rather than having it all sunk into a cake that doesn’t even taste that good in the end (and anyway by the time it gets cut everyone is way too drunk to remember to eat it, or to remember eating it).

If you register for your wedding gifts through the I Do Foundation’s partner stores (and they have many of the biggies like Macy’s, Target, etc.), a certain percentage of the purchases go to a charity of your choice. They already have a lot of the most common/popular causes in their system, but you can also get any smaller organization you’d like approved, as long as it’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit. (For example, I raised money for the school I was working for at the time.)

You can decide if you want just the sales percentages to be donated or if you also want to “register” to allow people to give donations as gifts straight to the charity. We offered that option, too, and were thrilled that some people took that route. You can also donate yourself in lieu of favors (which I realize many people do anyway without the website, but I like the way that using I Do Foundation tied it all together for guests as one cohesive start-to-finish approach).

In the end I think we raised about $1800 for our “cause”–a completely respectable chunk of change that would otherwise have just sort of “vanished” into big box stores and shopping malls. Woot!


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